Digital Forensic Findings re: Jacque Lopate

Published December 9, 2014 by accentsmagazinekeanuniversity

Re:  Jacque Lopate–aka Jacqui Lopate, Jacqui Loki, and JLo

Judge Gaven Hammer, of the Criminal Division issued a search warrant of the subject’s home located in Parole, Maryland, and his office at the same address, with specific orders to confiscate any electronic communication devices found in the home or office.  Another warrant for his arrest and questioning regarding drug deals known as Operation Low Key was also issued by the Fort Monmouth Unit of the FBI (FBI).  Though surveillance, at the time, showed that the subject was in the home at the time of the FBI’s arrival, he somehow fled the scene prior to entry.   Although the subject wasn’t home at the time of entry, he evidently received word about the FBI in his house in Parole, Maryland, so he hasn’t returned home yet and is considered “on the run” in the criminal world and has been incognito for the last week.  An APB has been issued for him.  The FBI has taken electronic items from his home/office; namely, the suspect’s home and office computers.  Preliminary forensics was done on both computers to see who he has been associating with and what he’s been doing.

Findings from the investigation are as follows:

Subject has a Twitter account:  @JacquiLoki
Subject has a Gmail account:
Subject has a Facebook account:  Jacqui Loki

There is some indication of nefarious dealings with multiple known offenders via his Tweets.  Also, he seems to have had a clandestine meeting with a former lover; namely, Cherry Rhodes.  He has sought out an old lover, Rachel Behar, holder of a PhD in Genetic Engineering and has done studies on the genetic manipulation of plants.  (Information is being sought on her studies to determine if she is creating a hybrid marijuana/opium poppy plant to create designer drugs which are not easily detected in the bloodstream.)  His movements with his known associates range from the Washington, DC, area to the family home of his youth (now his vacation home) in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

The search history tool indicates that the subject has done numerous searches on the following:

Adoption–finding birth parents, why parents give up children for adoption, etc.
Hiding money in offshore accounts–from Swiss banks to the Cayman Islands and beyond
Transgender subjects–how to dress a man like a woman, what it means to be transgendered, etc.
Internet dating–Plenty of Fish, OK Cupid, eHarmony, etc.

Digital forensics has also been able to trace the owner of the email address, who has been the subject of much debate here at the Bureau.  The owner of this address is the President of Theopolis College, in Theopolis, MD:  Cadence MackArthur.  After doing a background check on her, it appears that she is the birth mother of our subject, Jacque Lopate.  His first contact with her was approximately 12 weeks ago, as confirmed by detective work.  This operative contacted all of the agencies in the Lopate computer’s search history, until Catholic Charities in Red Bank, NJ, confirmed the information.

This is an ongoing investigation.  More information will be provided as it becomes known.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ellen Banfield
Badge #1027

(There is a link on the FBI file in Prezi to the ThingLink of his home computer. Here’s the ThingLink link:


A Well-spent Week

Published November 10, 2014 by accentsmagazinekeanuniversity

I live a simple life.  No SmartPhone.  No cable TV.  No television reception whatsoever in my home–by choice.  No iPod, iPad, laptop, or other portable Internet connection devices.  I have a simple cell phone without a data plan, and I’m not a slave to it, wandering around with it plastered to my face like a band-aid on my forehead.  I answer it when I choose to, and most often I ignore it.  I have a desktop computer, which I mostly use to play Scrabble/Words with Friends, to email, and to check out some  photo ops posted by my friends on Facebook–in addition to using it to complete my homework assignments.  The lone media I enjoy is the radio, and even at times I turn it off to relish the silence.  I may be the rarity in a world filled with multimedia, but I prefer the simplicity of it.  In honor of the media deprivation, I present to you a poem.


A Well-Spent Week


A week without a cell phone won’t make me weak,

One hour without the radio lets me think

Without distraction, it’s awareness I seek.

I can be deprived longer of the media stink,

When I know that I’ll be cognizant of the meek,

While all around me will be the familiar wink

Of friends not distracted, deprived of the reek

Like me, testing selves, staying strong, don’t shrink

To the media hype, don’t do it, don’t peek

At your cell phone!  Hold on!  Face goes pink

As the moment passes and a new dawn sneaks

Out, and I cheer myself and others with a clink

Of glasses in commemoration of a well-spent week.

Things Jacque Lopate would rather not tell you–part 2

Published November 4, 2014 by accentsmagazinekeanuniversity

This first artifact was created using Prezi and is my first attempt at making something with it. In order to understand its workings, I watched a few of the tutorials and played around with it for a while before actually making something I thought was OK.

There are so many formats to choose from, and because my first thought for an artifact was to make a timeline of events and people for Jacque, I was disappointed that I didn’t find anything in Prezi that would look like a timeline and allow me to make that happen. I was happy when I hit upon the thought to make a bulletin board of data about Jacque’s past and current relationships and antics.

After hunting through the array of free frames, etc. in Prezi, I found this one, which is even better than I could have hoped! It has room for photos, sticky notes, documents, and more. Since Jacque has a rather wheeling and dealing personality, I decided to push the issue of making him even more seedy and loathsome by giving him a criminal past. This Prezi is just what I needed to create an FBI file and collect data for Jacque’s dossier.

To maneuver through the Prezi, simply click on the link below, and once it opens, use the arrows at the bottom to view the data collected by the investigating FBI agent, me!



Let’s talk about it. No “Strings” attached.

Published October 20, 2014 by accentsmagazinekeanuniversity

“Strings” by Dan Waber was, to say the least, not an interactive piece of electronic literature, but the feelings evoked and visual effects from viewing it were pretty amazing.  Other than clicking on each individual string, it did “not require any action from the user” of this media.  Strings was created using Flash and conjures images of human behavior and the give-and-take of the behavior/relationships between humans, as well as handwriting and communication.  I was unable to find any literary criticism on this piece published in 1999.  (Perhaps it is too old for the current databases?)

Upon first examination when viewing the “argument” in “Strings” a fun feeling was elicited in my brain.  It was fun to watch as a single string morphed from YES to NO and back again.  It felt as if there was an argument between two people ensuing in this visual.  It looked like a tug-of-war between the words. Imagining that two people were having an argument with a constant back and forth of the YES and NO until the piece was stopped could have meant that the argument was never ending until a third party (me) stopped it.  What an interesting concept.  I had to see more!

In “argument2” another argument ensues between YES and NO, but now MAYBE has entered into the conversation.   The words aren’t morphing from one to the next but are stable images, which move through the screen.  This time my imagination is running with the idea that a child is involved in the conversation between his/her parents.  A fast YES moves in and out of the screen, while the NO seems to be steady in the middle for most of the argument, with the MAYBE close to the NO at most times.  I conjure the idea that a Dad quickly said YES, Mom said NO, and the child is saying, “Aw, come on.  How about MAYBE, which will turn into a YES?”  When my children were young they would almost badger me until I gave in to say YES.  It didn’t happen much, to say the least!  This argument was a little more fun to watch, since the words were already created and not morphing, so the implication of the words was immediate.

As I went from screen to screen viewing all of the Strings, the one I liked best was the last one, which was titled “poidog.”  Upon investigating what a poidog is, or should say WAS, I found that it was a now extinct Hawaiian dog, which was fed poi—a kind of thick paste made from the taro plant.  What does an extinct dog have to do with the words “words are like strings that I pull out of my mouth” in this electronic literature piece?  The graceful movements of the words morphing from one to the next produce questions about the meaning.  This may have been Waber’s first thoughts about creating the piece, since when we talk we do string words together to form sentences, though single words, like NO are also complete sentences without being strung to another word.

Perhaps this last thought on “Strings” is that words coming out of our mouths may become extinct with all of the electronic media now being used and explored.  For example, I look around while in an elevator full of people, and on any given day most of the passengers are looking down at their electronic devices and not speaking to anyone nearby.  Will the spoken word become extinct with the constant overuse of electronic forms of communication?  Should it?  This thought brings to mind a Star Trek episode of many years ago (from the original 1966-1969 series).  In this particular episode titled “The Cage,” the race of beings encountered by the crew of the Enterprise communicate solely through thought and no words come out of their mouths.  The current generation of people may not be able to communicate via brain waves and thoughts, but through the object in their hands, so, essentially, these people, their hand(s), and their electronic hand-held devices will replace the mouth when it comes to forming words, albeit on an electronic device in order to communicate.  I may be old-fashioned, but I think that there is no better form of communication than actually speaking words, since there is no inflection of the voice through the written word, in all of its forms, electronic or otherwise written.  Let’s talk about it.

Getting to know Jacque/Jacqui Lopate

Published October 20, 2014 by accentsmagazinekeanuniversity

Jacque/Jacqui Lopate:

Twitter:  @JacquiLoki

Facebook:  Jacqui Loki

Email: (J Lo Incognito)

My first thought about Jacque’s/Jacqui’s transgendering is that Rachel is right and that Jacque is doing it to hide out from someone or something.  With that said, Jacqui’s social media reflects that “low key” attitude that Loki, the Norse god of mischief might have.  (It’s a little play on words.)  Jacque/Jacqui is anything but low key.  During his years of dating Rachel, Jacque always had to be the center of attention, which originally attracted Rachel to Jacque, since she is a more nerdy and scientific type and prefers to be out of the limelight.  So, now that Jacque/Jacqui is transgendered, he/she prefers to appear low key.

So far on Facebook, Jacqui has about 10 friends, all but one are men, with whom Jacque has associated with at one point in time, probably in one of his schemes.  The lone female in his group of friends is his sister, Betsy, who is married to a schemer cohort of Jacque’s (oddly nicknamed Chumper), who doesn’t have his own Facebook account.  In order to keep in touch with Chumper, Jacque/Jacqui has his/her sister as a friend.

Initial idea for hypertext:

At the moment Jacque/Jacqui is having an email conversation with a nameless cohort, who goes by  From the sound of the conversation, the two are scheming to put together a new deal, and so had planned to meet on Friday night at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park.  Jacque/Jacqui is originally from Asbury Park, so this is his/her old stomping grounds.  Hoping not to be seen in his usual haunts, he/she is hoping to blend in with the gay community in Asbury Park, so Jacque/Jacqui originally asks IrishWench0725 to meet at Georgie’s, a known gay bar.  IrishWench0725 prefers the Paradise, which is another gay bar, since the “view” there is better, if you know what I mean.  Jacque/Jacqui mentions that there might be someone at the Paradise, who he/she wants to avoid, and so decided on meeting at the Stone Pony—hoping for a Bruce Springsteen sighting.

Jacque’s/Jacqui’s life of scheming and betrayals is loaded with snippets of conversations via email, messages on Facebook, and private tweets on Twitter.  I am hoping to incorporate these conversations into the details of my character to give the reader a better understanding of how it all relates back to his relationship with Rachel Behar.

Meet Rachel’s ex-boyfriend, Jacque Lopate

Published September 29, 2014 by accentsmagazinekeanuniversity

Rachel Behar and Jacque Lopate in better days

(Rachel and Jacque right before they broke up.)

Meet Jacque (pronounced Jack) Lopate
Age: 46
Nationality:  American born to Israeli parents
Major: BA in accounting and finance from Theopolis College, class of 1994
Occupation:  real estate broker
Religion:  Jewish
Race:  Sephardic Jew/Caucasian
Gender:  male

Rachel first met Jacque at Hebrew school in the town where they both grew up.  Jacque is a couple of years older than Rachel, but he knew a good thing when he saw it, and he wanted Rachel.  She, in turn, wanted nothing to do with Jacque, since he was a scheming, conniving, good-for-nothing, as far as Rachel was concerned.

It wasn’t until after her high school graduation that Rachel ran into Jacque at the party of a mutual friend.  By all accounts, Jacque seemed to have changed into the most wonderful human being Rachel had ever known.  They dated throughout Rachel’s college years, but broke up before she received her M.S. in Genetic Engineering because Jaque’s true colors started to show again.  He was deceitful, scheming, and all around evil, which was just too much for Rachel.  Besides the fact that Jacque loved to hunt and had the “trophies” all over his apartment–which she despised–Rachel found out that he was cheating on her, and he was also bilking millions of dollars from his own mother, while he “cared” for her after being debilitated by a stroke.  His siblings filed charges against him, but his mother died from the complications of the stroke before Jacque could be prosecuted, ultimately getting away with all of her money.  Rachel never wanted to see Jacque again.

A few years later, Rachel is perusing her Facebook page one evening and sees a photo on a friend’s page, which she can’t believe is real.  It is Jacque, who now goes by Jacqui, and is trans-gendered.  What is the most startling thing is that Jacqui bears a striking resemblance to the Theopolis College President, Cadence MackArthur!  Jacqui’s nose is a little different, but looks so much like Cadence that they could be sisters!!!  Rachel thinks that Jacque is hiding out as a woman, because he probably bilked money from someone in the Mob, and he’s waiting to be placed into the Witness Protection Program.  Rachel knows Jacque’s true nature, and there is no way that she will ever believe that he is trans-gendered!  He’s definitely hiding from someone, or something.

Cupcake Royale2