Getting to know Jacque/Jacqui Lopate

Published October 20, 2014 by accentsmagazinekeanuniversity

Jacque/Jacqui Lopate:

Twitter:  @JacquiLoki

Facebook:  Jacqui Loki

Email: (J Lo Incognito)

My first thought about Jacque’s/Jacqui’s transgendering is that Rachel is right and that Jacque is doing it to hide out from someone or something.  With that said, Jacqui’s social media reflects that “low key” attitude that Loki, the Norse god of mischief might have.  (It’s a little play on words.)  Jacque/Jacqui is anything but low key.  During his years of dating Rachel, Jacque always had to be the center of attention, which originally attracted Rachel to Jacque, since she is a more nerdy and scientific type and prefers to be out of the limelight.  So, now that Jacque/Jacqui is transgendered, he/she prefers to appear low key.

So far on Facebook, Jacqui has about 10 friends, all but one are men, with whom Jacque has associated with at one point in time, probably in one of his schemes.  The lone female in his group of friends is his sister, Betsy, who is married to a schemer cohort of Jacque’s (oddly nicknamed Chumper), who doesn’t have his own Facebook account.  In order to keep in touch with Chumper, Jacque/Jacqui has his/her sister as a friend.

Initial idea for hypertext:

At the moment Jacque/Jacqui is having an email conversation with a nameless cohort, who goes by  From the sound of the conversation, the two are scheming to put together a new deal, and so had planned to meet on Friday night at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park.  Jacque/Jacqui is originally from Asbury Park, so this is his/her old stomping grounds.  Hoping not to be seen in his usual haunts, he/she is hoping to blend in with the gay community in Asbury Park, so Jacque/Jacqui originally asks IrishWench0725 to meet at Georgie’s, a known gay bar.  IrishWench0725 prefers the Paradise, which is another gay bar, since the “view” there is better, if you know what I mean.  Jacque/Jacqui mentions that there might be someone at the Paradise, who he/she wants to avoid, and so decided on meeting at the Stone Pony—hoping for a Bruce Springsteen sighting.

Jacque’s/Jacqui’s life of scheming and betrayals is loaded with snippets of conversations via email, messages on Facebook, and private tweets on Twitter.  I am hoping to incorporate these conversations into the details of my character to give the reader a better understanding of how it all relates back to his relationship with Rachel Behar.


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