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A Well-spent Week

Published November 10, 2014 by accentsmagazinekeanuniversity

I live a simple life.  No SmartPhone.  No cable TV.  No television reception whatsoever in my home–by choice.  No iPod, iPad, laptop, or other portable Internet connection devices.  I have a simple cell phone without a data plan, and I’m not a slave to it, wandering around with it plastered to my face like a band-aid on my forehead.  I answer it when I choose to, and most often I ignore it.  I have a desktop computer, which I mostly use to play Scrabble/Words with Friends, to email, and to check out some  photo ops posted by my friends on Facebook–in addition to using it to complete my homework assignments.  The lone media I enjoy is the radio, and even at times I turn it off to relish the silence.  I may be the rarity in a world filled with multimedia, but I prefer the simplicity of it.  In honor of the media deprivation, I present to you a poem.


A Well-Spent Week


A week without a cell phone won’t make me weak,

One hour without the radio lets me think

Without distraction, it’s awareness I seek.

I can be deprived longer of the media stink,

When I know that I’ll be cognizant of the meek,

While all around me will be the familiar wink

Of friends not distracted, deprived of the reek

Like me, testing selves, staying strong, don’t shrink

To the media hype, don’t do it, don’t peek

At your cell phone!  Hold on!  Face goes pink

As the moment passes and a new dawn sneaks

Out, and I cheer myself and others with a clink

Of glasses in commemoration of a well-spent week.


Things Jacque Lopate would rather not tell you–part 2

Published November 4, 2014 by accentsmagazinekeanuniversity

This first artifact was created using Prezi and is my first attempt at making something with it. In order to understand its workings, I watched a few of the tutorials and played around with it for a while before actually making something I thought was OK.

There are so many formats to choose from, and because my first thought for an artifact was to make a timeline of events and people for Jacque, I was disappointed that I didn’t find anything in Prezi that would look like a timeline and allow me to make that happen. I was happy when I hit upon the thought to make a bulletin board of data about Jacque’s past and current relationships and antics.

After hunting through the array of free frames, etc. in Prezi, I found this one, which is even better than I could have hoped! It has room for photos, sticky notes, documents, and more. Since Jacque has a rather wheeling and dealing personality, I decided to push the issue of making him even more seedy and loathsome by giving him a criminal past. This Prezi is just what I needed to create an FBI file and collect data for Jacque’s dossier.

To maneuver through the Prezi, simply click on the link below, and once it opens, use the arrows at the bottom to view the data collected by the investigating FBI agent, me!