Digital Forensic Findings re: Jacque Lopate

Published December 9, 2014 by accentsmagazinekeanuniversity

Re:  Jacque Lopate–aka Jacqui Lopate, Jacqui Loki, and JLo

Judge Gaven Hammer, of the Criminal Division issued a search warrant of the subject’s home located in Parole, Maryland, and his office at the same address, with specific orders to confiscate any electronic communication devices found in the home or office.  Another warrant for his arrest and questioning regarding drug deals known as Operation Low Key was also issued by the Fort Monmouth Unit of the FBI (FBI).  Though surveillance, at the time, showed that the subject was in the home at the time of the FBI’s arrival, he somehow fled the scene prior to entry.   Although the subject wasn’t home at the time of entry, he evidently received word about the FBI in his house in Parole, Maryland, so he hasn’t returned home yet and is considered “on the run” in the criminal world and has been incognito for the last week.  An APB has been issued for him.  The FBI has taken electronic items from his home/office; namely, the suspect’s home and office computers.  Preliminary forensics was done on both computers to see who he has been associating with and what he’s been doing.

Findings from the investigation are as follows:

Subject has a Twitter account:  @JacquiLoki
Subject has a Gmail account:
Subject has a Facebook account:  Jacqui Loki

There is some indication of nefarious dealings with multiple known offenders via his Tweets.  Also, he seems to have had a clandestine meeting with a former lover; namely, Cherry Rhodes.  He has sought out an old lover, Rachel Behar, holder of a PhD in Genetic Engineering and has done studies on the genetic manipulation of plants.  (Information is being sought on her studies to determine if she is creating a hybrid marijuana/opium poppy plant to create designer drugs which are not easily detected in the bloodstream.)  His movements with his known associates range from the Washington, DC, area to the family home of his youth (now his vacation home) in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

The search history tool indicates that the subject has done numerous searches on the following:

Adoption–finding birth parents, why parents give up children for adoption, etc.
Hiding money in offshore accounts–from Swiss banks to the Cayman Islands and beyond
Transgender subjects–how to dress a man like a woman, what it means to be transgendered, etc.
Internet dating–Plenty of Fish, OK Cupid, eHarmony, etc.

Digital forensics has also been able to trace the owner of the email address, who has been the subject of much debate here at the Bureau.  The owner of this address is the President of Theopolis College, in Theopolis, MD:  Cadence MackArthur.  After doing a background check on her, it appears that she is the birth mother of our subject, Jacque Lopate.  His first contact with her was approximately 12 weeks ago, as confirmed by detective work.  This operative contacted all of the agencies in the Lopate computer’s search history, until Catholic Charities in Red Bank, NJ, confirmed the information.

This is an ongoing investigation.  More information will be provided as it becomes known.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ellen Banfield
Badge #1027

(There is a link on the FBI file in Prezi to the ThingLink of his home computer. Here’s the ThingLink link:


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