Meet Rachel’s ex-boyfriend, Jacque Lopate

Published September 29, 2014 by accentsmagazinekeanuniversity

Rachel Behar and Jacque Lopate in better days

(Rachel and Jacque right before they broke up.)

Meet Jacque (pronounced Jack) Lopate
Age: 46
Nationality:  American born to Israeli parents
Major: BA in accounting and finance from Theopolis College, class of 1994
Occupation:  real estate broker
Religion:  Jewish
Race:  Sephardic Jew/Caucasian
Gender:  male

Rachel first met Jacque at Hebrew school in the town where they both grew up.  Jacque is a couple of years older than Rachel, but he knew a good thing when he saw it, and he wanted Rachel.  She, in turn, wanted nothing to do with Jacque, since he was a scheming, conniving, good-for-nothing, as far as Rachel was concerned.

It wasn’t until after her high school graduation that Rachel ran into Jacque at the party of a mutual friend.  By all accounts, Jacque seemed to have changed into the most wonderful human being Rachel had ever known.  They dated throughout Rachel’s college years, but broke up before she received her M.S. in Genetic Engineering because Jaque’s true colors started to show again.  He was deceitful, scheming, and all around evil, which was just too much for Rachel.  Besides the fact that Jacque loved to hunt and had the “trophies” all over his apartment–which she despised–Rachel found out that he was cheating on her, and he was also bilking millions of dollars from his own mother, while he “cared” for her after being debilitated by a stroke.  His siblings filed charges against him, but his mother died from the complications of the stroke before Jacque could be prosecuted, ultimately getting away with all of her money.  Rachel never wanted to see Jacque again.

A few years later, Rachel is perusing her Facebook page one evening and sees a photo on a friend’s page, which she can’t believe is real.  It is Jacque, who now goes by Jacqui, and is trans-gendered.  What is the most startling thing is that Jacqui bears a striking resemblance to the Theopolis College President, Cadence MackArthur!  Jacqui’s nose is a little different, but looks so much like Cadence that they could be sisters!!!  Rachel thinks that Jacque is hiding out as a woman, because he probably bilked money from someone in the Mob, and he’s waiting to be placed into the Witness Protection Program.  Rachel knows Jacque’s true nature, and there is no way that she will ever believe that he is trans-gendered!  He’s definitely hiding from someone, or something.

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